So i made another thread the other day where i CWS was acting very slow so i thinking i should try to reinstall it. I removed CWS from the control panel but after that i could not install it again from the Software manager. When i try it says "This package cant be installed. Please install the User software first..."

So my solution to this was that i just should reinstall/uninstall the software manager aswell but i cant for the life of me not find a uninstall file.
I have downloaded Fiery extendend pack 43 and 44,
i also looked on the User Software CD but cant find any uninstall file.
i tried with just the installation for CWS both 5.8 and 6

So how does one uninstall it? Or how can i install CWS again without using Software manager.
feeling like such a newbie, cant even uninstall a program

Thanks in advance