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Thread: Archive tab problem - hold option now unavailable

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    Default Archive tab problem - hold option now unavailable

    Problem with archive files in the archive tab in the job center, we archive a lot of our files to an external USB, we can still see all the files in the archive tab however we are now unable to put the archive files into the held queue as the hold option is no longer available, only delete and properties, everything work fine until yesterday, not sure what has happened to cause this problem. This is done directly on the Fiery Server and not a remote computer. Currently using Commandworkstation Any help would be much appreciated as we have over 7000 files in our archive that are no longer available. Please don't suggest going to import jobs because there is no logic to the way EFI structures files on an external drive plus it takes a day and an age to come up with all the files anyway.

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    Default Archive problem

    This may be the same issue - possibly faulty external memory?

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