The Reinstall Fiery Command WorkStation 5.8 instruction is wrong. -->

My customer (MacOS 10.12) had installed the CWS 6.0 although his Fiery Server is System 9. He used the Reinstall Fiery Command WorkStation 5.8 instructions to correct the error.

Uninstall Fiery Command WorkStation 6.0 using the Fiery Software Uninstaller works correctly.
Download the Fiery-Software-Manager.dmg from

A message appears in the Fiery Software Manager.dmg that the Fiery Software Manager must be updated. It is not possible to download the CWS 5.8 without updating the Fiery software manager. After updating, CWS 5.8 is no longer available. This is the error!

I could help my customers by sending him the correct link. v4.4.0.843
For a user, it is not possible to get this solution. Please fix this error on your page as soon as possible.

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