I have a customer with a Xerox Versant 80 with EX80 V1.2 with all patches installed.

When they print from a Mac OS 10.12.6 and Indesign V 2017.1 Build there is some problem with the latest printdriver from efi.com.
When they do all settings for printing in Indesign and in the fiery print driver and then save settings as a preset in indesign then it works to print the first time, but when they hit print again and pic up the preset then it will not pic up the fiery driver settings like paper tray,paper format (160x220mm), duplexing...

I have been in contact with adobe support and they say it must be a driver issue, i have tried the same thing with xerox and HP driver and their it pic up the driver settings, so must be a Fiery driver issue.

See attached picture so you see what preset i mean.
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