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Thread: custom paper size c1060 issue

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    Exclamation custom paper size c1060 issue

    I have IC-415 Fiery connected with the latest CWS.
    I am trying to set up bypass tray custom paper size of 4.00 by 6.00 to print on 4 x 6 media stock.
    The error I am getting is when I try to send this job from hold queue, c1060 pops up an error that "I need to select face-up" with a pop-up window with cancel button as the only option to select to get rid of the window. When I do that the job gets cancelled and I am unable to print.
    I never had this issue before I have tried landscape and portrait orientation to this but no luck yet.
    I have done this before without any problem.
    I will be calling tech on this but if some ever has had similar problem and they were able to fix it please let me know.
    paper weight, media stock, etc is all set up right.

    Because of the size of my stock, by pass is only ideal tray for this job.


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    * can you do this off the copy glass?

    * did you go into job properties and set output for "face up"?

    * if you did this before on the exact same machine with the exact same Fiery, but now it won't let you, then either your job properties are set wrong (see above "face up") or something changed on your system--either something you're doing differently, or the system got patched/updated in some way that stops this from working

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    I haven't tried the copy glass. I will check my output order under finishing in job properties.
    Bypass tray in c1060 by default prints face up and output could be anyway I want. I never had to select this for jobs with normal media size. I don't see the logic or may be I fail to understand the link.
    I will try this tomorrow.
    However, it is asking me to do face-up so may be I just need to select what ever it asks and do what you you suggested.
    Thx for giving me some sense of direction.

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    I'm quite sure this is the correct behaviour for the C1060. Media below a certain width can't be "flipped" inside the printer (or maybe finisher) and therefore, you'll have to output it face up.

    My C6000 and C71hc, both using IC-30x Fierys, show the same effect. But I'd never faced any production problems with this because I simply reverse the output order in that case.
    IC-306 v3.01 FS100 Pro / KM C6000, IC-308 v2.1 FS150 Pro / KM C71hc / SD-513, IC-414 / KM C754
    CWS 5.8 SP2, Windows 10 x64

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    So, after some patch update the default for all jobs is face down. I changed it to face up for custom size and successfully printed my job.
    I am glad quick response from Adam and oxidant resulted in finished job for my customer.
    Thx to both of you. It is much appreciated as always.


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