I have a site where JobFlow was installed on an MIC-4150 w/KM 1250, with some custom scripts, and has been running well for about a year.

Recently we added another MIC-4150 w/KM 1250, with the intention of passing JobFlow-processed jobs from one MIC-4150 to the other either by forwarding it using "Send to" in Command Workstation, or (better) setting up the second MIC-4150 as an output destination in JobFlow.

Either way, when the job is received at the second MIC-4150, two bad things (that we know of so far) happen:

(1) The paper profiles are all lost, for the main paper of the job, and for mixed media. Under Mixed Media, the size, weight, and type, and tray call of each exception is preserved, but the paper profile name is lost, and replaced with a number.

With the MIC-4150, there is no export or import of the paper catalog, so each paper profile had to be created manually on the 1250 panel. However, without the paper profile name, the result was multiple paper mismatches. I would think that a match on size, weight, type, and tray - even without the name - should work; but it didn't.

(2) In the finishing tab, output is set for "Face up - normal order," as per customer specification, even though it means printing doesn't begin until ripping is finished. This works as expected on the original machine. On the second machine, even though the job setting is preserved ("Face up - normal order"), the job is erroneously being printed face down - normal order. The moment we observe the 1250 kick in before the MIC-4150 is done ripping, we have to cancel the job.

Actions taken: I have reloaded and fully patched the second MIC-4150 on site, to no avail. Still getting numbers where paper names should be, and face-down output.

As I write this, I am cloning the fully patched MIC-4150, after which I will restore an image backup of the original MIC-4150 to this unit. I understand that the JobFlow and Impose licenses on the original unit will not be effective on the second unit; but I do not intend to use JobFlow on the second unit, and I have a second Impose license.

All suggestions welcome!