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Thread: how to export a spot color into indesign

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    Cool how to export a spot color into indesign

    Our customer has created a new spot color in CWS. He wants to use it in InDesign.....what is the easiest way for him to do it?

    Can we export the spot color directly to InDeisgn


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    You need to create new color swatch within InDesign. Name the color swatch exactly the way it is spelled in CWS - spot color names are case sensitive. Also, make sure you set Color Type to Spot. There ways to save the swatch inside InDesign so you don't have to always create a new spot color stating a new document.

    When you send this file to the Fiery and Fiery Spot Color Matching is set to ON, Fiery will mapped to the CMYK recipe assigned to the user defined spot color in Device Center's Spot Color Manager.
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