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Thread: A specific type of PDF crashes S-2 through hotfolder, but not through Acrobat

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    Default A specific type of PDF crashes S-2 through hotfolder, but not through Acrobat


    I have a 1-page pdf that is created by our server for our job ticket. This pdf prints fine going from Acrobat Reader DC to the S-2 (8e), but the S-2 crashes as soon as this same file is processed through the Hotfolder. ("Please Wait...", and the CW loses contact...until we switch it off and on.)

    Is there any setting in the Fiery or Hotfolder that would cause this to happen? How to we fix it?

    [EDIT: Now, other PDF's are causing the same result. Not isolated to a specific source.]
    [EDIT2: Same PDFs print fine from an app to the fiery. Just croaking at the Fiery. Hangs, does come back up on its own if I feel like waiting 20 minutes for no result. Print file is still in hold queue. It does go to processing queue for a second before the meltdown.]
    [EDIT3: I have two S-2's. does it on both. What am i missing's a PDF]
    [EDIT4: PDF's that are simple and small and ones I create will print, the ones that are coming in from a remote folder will not, whether printed from the hold queue or print queue, but they will work if I manually print them via Acrobat. Files coming in from our remote folder won't print directly through the hotfolder won't print without errors, but will print when manually sent via acrobat. Argh.]
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    Default Any ideas- can't seem to figure this out..

    Still fighting through this. Any insight would be appreciated!

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    naguszed, could you do me a favor and contact me at hans[dot]sep[at]efi[dot]com. I would like to have a look at this illusive PDF.
    Hans Sep, product manager Fiery JobFlow

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