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    Default Waiting for Restarting

    i have a Konica 1250P with a MIC-4150 BW controller. Randomly the end users will get a message saying "waiting for restarting" when they send a job to print. The job will print if they choose force print. All of the job properties are correct and when it does happen, it happens to all of the jobs. Usually restarting the fiery will fix it for a while. I have reloaded the OS from disk 1 and applied all of the windows updates and Fiery patches..... any ideas?
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    There is a patch that should resolve this.

    Run the Fiery's System Updates utility and run it until no more patches are available to install.
    (the most recent patch release is SP2)

    If you have any questions about how to do this, ask your KM dealer for assistance.

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