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Thread: Mysterious Offline Device

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    I have 3 licensed devices configured on my LAN, 1 of which went offline yesterday for no apparent reason. I was able to bring it back by deactivating it and adding back into another navigator client on another DFE.

    My question; is it better to run the each device navigator client on its own DFE and assume they are each communicating with the cloud properly...

    ...or to configure the 3 devices on 1 nav client on 1 DFE as a single point of outbound communication with the efi/passport cloud?

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    HI SurlyTim,

    It is important to run the Fiery Navigator Client on a system that:
    - Is always up or at least up whenever the Fiery is running.
    - Always has access to the Fiery.
    - Always has access to the internet.

    Running on a separate system in your data center is a good choice as is running the Client on each DFE. We are planning on an update that will show the Client status and Fiery status separately to make it easier to diagnose any connectivity problems. Thanks,


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