Fiery Command Workstation 6 is available! More info about this exciting release and important information about availability and release schedule can be found at

If Fiery Software Manager tells you the update to CWS6 is available please be aware that:
  1. You MUST update JobFlow to the latest version (2.2.3). Otherwise, JobFlow will tell you it cannot find CWS and disable modules like Image Enhance and Impose.
  1. We do have a bug where some of the new Impose features do not work as expected in Fiery JobFlow. Existing Impose features will continue to work.

Some other changes in the JobFlow release:
* Dropbox has upgraded to a new API and will cease support for the current API in June. This release supports the new Dropbox API.
* We did sneak in one tiny, splendid small feature: you can now submit a job via drag and drop while editing a workflow. No more open workflow, edit workflow, close workflow, submit a job, open workflow, edit workflow, close workflow, submit jobs... You get the idea.
Hans Sep, product manager Fiery JobFlow