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Thread: Weak Density - Blotching

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    Default Weak Density - Blotching

    We have an imagepress C8000VP and using Command Workstation 5.8. I'm having trouble printing on a 12pt. 1-side coated paper stock (256gsm). I have a solid blue background that isn't printing quite as solid as we want. It's printing blotchy. I tried different settings on the printer (weight, finish, secondary voltage, and calibrations). I also played with various settings in Command Workstation's Color & Image tab. Nothing is working for this specific paper.

    I then switched to other types of stock (100# Gloss Cover and 100# Matte Cover - 270gsm) which the blotching is gone and they print a nice solid color. So I lied to the printer using these same print settings for my 12pt. C1S paper; however, that still didn't help.

    Are there any other suggestions that I could try in order to be able to print a nice solid color on this paper or is the paper my main problem?

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    On the Xerox 1000i I have the ability to change the image transfer amount, perhaps the votage your talking about, and i am able to clean it up some. Much of the issue is with the paper. Lower quality paper doesn't produce nice clean prints, as the magnetic transfering isn't as consistant with some papers that are evenly blended.

    Try a different C1S paper and see if it that is different (you can ask most paper companies for paper samples for free). Also try changing the image transfer voltage. I had to go to 85% instead of 110% like i thought it would be. If you have the ability to change each colors voltage then i recommend using a 4 color grey sample to make sure you balance right. Lastly make sure it isn't wear on the machinery, or dirty sensors. There is a density sensor on the 1000i that i clean weekly cause the toner does build up on it.

    hope that helps.


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    All of this is engine related, and has nothing at all to do with the Fiery RIP.

    You can find your answers at Canon's web site, no doubt, if they have any customer support forums. Or ask your Canon service representative.

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