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Thread: Licensing question

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    Question Licensing question


    I'm wondering, which kind of licensing and/or distribution options I have for applications using the Fiery API.

    Is it possible to distribute a Fiery API aware application as Open Source (e. g. on Github)?
    Is it possible to release it commercially (closed source) as a paid or free application?
    Is it possible/allowed to acquire some kind of developer key for this kind of distribution, in order to avoid having the end user to enroll for an own access key?

    Thanks for any help!
    IC-306 v3.01 FS100 Pro / KM C6000, IC-308 v2.1 FS150 Pro / KM C71hc / SD-513, IC-414 / KM C754
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    Hi there,

    Currently Fiery API license is available for end users.
    You can check our terms and condition (that you accepted when you sign up for and evaluation key ). Commercially distributing as paid/free application isn't allowed unless you have our approval and proper agreement.

    The production key you received from us are associated with the license activation code that you use for your Fiery servers so you can't use the key for other license activation codes.

    You can share your applications as open source on Github of course, but each of your users will need to acquire their own production key and license to make the application work.

    Thank you,

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