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Thread: What is my Fiery Model and Version

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    Default What is my Fiery Model and Version

    Hi all, As I am new to this area of the industry I need to be clear on the Model and type of RIP I have and what is on the box bear no resemblance to the descriptons for the drivers. Firstly Why ? Surely what is on the box on the machine should be how they are refered to. I have a box on the back of the Konica Minollta C7000 Bizhub Press which says Fiery Model E100-02 cant find a reference to this anywhere on the driver or update pages. only see IC306 or IC413 in various versions. Please advise if you can. Kind regards,

    Steve Warren Australia

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    The C7000 supports either the "embedded" IC-413, or the "external" (tower) IC-306.
    Your Fiery is the IC-413.
    The "IC" name is KM's model identifier, or "street name"

    I understand your frustration by seeing "E100-02". That is just a generic EFI name for that hardware platform.

    The IC-413 came first as v1.0, which runs on WinXP Pro OS
    About the time Microsoft stopped support on that OS, an upgrade kit came out to allow v1.0 users to upgrade to Win7 Pro OS.
    That version is v1.11

    How to find out which one you have?

    Connect to the Fiery with Command WorkStation, go to Device Center tab, General tab, General Info. Look right below "General Info" to what is in parenthesis.

    Look for "v 1.0" or "v 1.11"

    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you Scott, noted. I will have a good look at it. I did attach a screen to the Fiery Box and watched as it booted and I did see XP Pro Windows ID screen popup breifly, so we alt least know it is on XP Pro. so i am guessing the driver version should be the Version 1.0. This is just the begining in getting the most from the machine and my limited knowledge of this operating environmnet. Being an old printer I tend to like my machinery operating at it's maximum. Thank you for your information. Kind regards, Steve Warren.

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