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Thread: Fiery Ticker not working after update!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jricart View Post
    The Fiery Bar (Blue version) is displayed properly and working.
    I can access the Ticker settings via the icon on the taskbar, thats how I got the version information, but when I go Full Screen it displays the a Gray Background with the Fiery Logo, and five dots going from left to right, the Close button on the top right and the Notes icon on the top Left, thats it, no information about the current job.

    When you talk about a server patch or upgrade, can you be more specific?

    Please let me know what else we can do to make it work again.
    This sounds like what happens to me when the server stops talking correctly with the printers consol. When i restart them both in the correct order everything works again. My problem is that the fiery ticker bar is not even present. I looked for the file and it was gone. I really don't want to reload the software on the server using a clone. If there is one i can download somehow that would be great.


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    Hi Dan,
    If the Fiery Bar is hidden, it can be made visible from windows active icons/show fiery ticker.
    If the Fiery Bar is somehow removed, it can't be installed separate, reloading the clone is the fastest option.


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    I ran Windows update and realized that there was another .NET needed.

    Now its working fine.

    Thank you.

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