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Thread: JobMaster presale question

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    Question JobMaster presale question


    I have a document, say 15 pages.
    It is made up of sets of 5 pages.
    I need to do this:
    - Make first page red
    - Staple next four pages

    And repeat. And repeat.
    Now in real life the file may well have 15000 pages (under 500megs total).
    So being able to automate BOTH the subset stapling and the first sheet of the sets is important.

    How do I do that?????

    Thank you!!

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    Assuming you have an external Fiery:

    - Open job properties
    - Select VDP tab
    - Set Set Record Length to 5 pages (you want to scroll all the way down to see this setting)
    - Select Media
    - Select Mixed Media
    - Set your settings


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