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Thread: Fiery CS5 Console Issue - Can't access commands/Settings Do Not Save

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    Default Fiery CS5 Console Issue - Can't access commands/Settings Do Not Save

    Good morning.

    At my company we use the Fiery Workstation 5 software to send print jobs to our Konica Minolta C1060 printer. We are using Windows Server 12 Standard in 64bit.

    For whatever reason or another, we've had some recent issues when sending print jobs to our production printer for projects and materials. Users have sent jobs to the FCW5 software, but Fiery is not accepting and executing the settings of the print job when printing. When users try to change the settings manually in the software properties, the software accepts the settings with no error, but when printing, the settings are ignored ultimately when the jobs are printed. Sometimes the jobs never make it to the queue to begin with. If they do, the options on the job (print, properties, etc.) are grayed out an inaccessible. The jobs that do "make it through" are printed without any of the settings configured to the job.

    Would there be any reasons or places to check to see why settings would be ignored in the Fiery Command - through changing in the application and sending the job and also through checking the properties within the Fiery software?

    Thanks for any help. I'd be glad to provide more specific information as needed.

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