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Thread: ImagePress C800 printing black extremely rich

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    Angry ImagePress C800 printing black extremely rich

    My ImagePress C800 is printing black so dark, that its washing out all details across my documents. I've tried going into the settings menus and changing the color cast for K to -2, changing the color balance from 0 to -8, even recalibrating my machine.

    All of this has been to no avail, and right now I'm getting a little that its taking me forever to try and get this fixed. I did some checking online, and so far the only thing I can find that might have fixed it it Toner Save, but the C800 doesn't have that option that I can find.

    My only other option at this point is to modify my images to the point where they have been lightened, even though they are night shots with spotlights highlighting items.

    If anyone has any ideas on how I can change the setting son my machine going forward, I'm all ears. Thanks.

    Here are the images that are getting washed out. I don't have scans of the end product, but they are really bad.

    Name:  Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.40.57 AM.png
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Size:  791.0 KBName:  Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.40.43 AM.png
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    well, one thing you can try when we have weird problems with xerox machine is to change the K drum and corotron. That has helped us quite a lot of times.

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    Ensure you are calibrating the calibration set that matches the closest your stock and also for this kind of crazy dark, I wouldn't expect definition in those shadows unless you created a custom ICC profile for that stock.

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