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    I have 2 versnt 2100's with Fiery. I have a customer that is having issues reconciling engine meter reading against the total b&w and color pages printing. Using print completion date numbers from the aforementioned categories I get varying degrees of variance between the total on the engine versus the competed jobs in the log when doing a daily reconciliation. Some as many as 10,000 clicks plus or minus. I guess I am wondering how the Fiery counts clicks for oversize pages. When does it write the information into the job log and so on. I am having difficulty coming up with a reson for the variance. Thank you

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    The Fiery logs sheet sides. It makes not judgment on those sheet sides. A 12x46 sheet side counts as 1. There is no such thing as an "oversized page" with regard to Fiery logging what it does.

    Any print engine can be programmed by the service provider many ways, to click its counter however the service provider decides based on a given service contract.

    For example, some service providers might say anything with a process length longer than, say, 10 inches (this is just an example) might trigger a second engine click.

    Some providers set the engine to click the counter as many as three or four times, depending on the sheet length.

    But the Fiery isn't part of any of that. It's just reporting fully composed sheet images.

    Let's take a simple example: imagine that an 8.5x11 sheet is one click, and an 11x17 sheet is two clicks of the print engine counter. That makes logical sense, right? An 11x17 sheet is actually two 8.5x11 sheets put together.

    The first place you look is in your contract with your service provider.

    Beyond how the engine is supposed to trigger its click counter, you also have maintenance sheets such as what you do in administrator mode for density balance, density control, front/back alignment, etc. Those click the engine but have nothing to do with the Fiery in the first place.

    This isn't a Fiery issue at all.

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