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Thread: Starting Fiery XF Control Server from headless server

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    Default Starting Fiery XF Control Server from headless server

    Hi all,

    I wanted to share my experience with getting EFI Fiery XF Control to run on a headless Mac Mini without needing to have a user logged in. Mind you, this procedure is experimental. If you choose to attempt what I have done, do so at your own risk. I tried searching on Google and the EFI forums for an answer, and sadly I couldn't find any solution someone else has come up with. Hopefully this method will help out other Mac users who manage small print offices, etc.

    Firstly, I installed Fiery XF Control server software and configured it for my environment. All users and workflows were set up and made sure the application was working before I made my next change. Then I ran the following command to gather some information about the EFI software (this command will print out all system processes and then search by the case-insensitive term "efi"):

    sudo ps waax | grep -i efi
    From here I was able to find out which programs were being launched by EFI.

    /Library/Application Support/EFI/ES1000Service/ES1000Server
    /Applications/EFI Fiery XF/Server/Fiery XF XF Control timer1Action
    /Applications/EFI Fiery XF/Server/EFI XF XF Server
    /Applications/EFI Fiery XF/JDF/JDFConnectorServer
    EFI -T HOSTNAME 0.0.0 -c /Applications/FlexLM -lmgrd_port 9999 --lmgrd_start 1abcd23e
    # # Customer-specific values:
    # HOSTNAME = hostname of server
    # 0.0.0 = don't know what this is. Might be a version number?
    # 9999 = host port
    # 1abcd23e = not sure what this is either.
    The last line was a little confusing, as I wasn't able to find any command by the name of "EFI", so I did a search on the machine to find out where it was from:

    sudo find -x / type -f -name "EFI"
    and that returned

    So I inserted "/Applications/FlexLM/" before "EFI" and ran the full line of code after rebooting and it seemed to work. So I threw everything together in an entire script (I've obfuscated any personal information):

    if [[ ! -d ${logDir} ]];then
      mkdir -p ${logDir}
    if [[ ! -f ${logDir}/${logFile} ]];then
      echo "" > ${logDir}/${logFile}
    f_logr () {
      fr_logr () {
        # Prints logs to custom log file
        echo -e "$(date +%Y/%d/%m-%r): ${fname} - $1" >> ${logDir}/${logFile}
      fr_logr "${logPhrase}"
    f_logr "Starting Fiery XF Control admin service..."
    /Applications/EFI\ Fiery\ XF/Server/Fiery\ XF\ -control start timer1Action &
    sleep 30
    f_logr "Fiery XF Control admin service started."
    f_logr "Starging ES1000Server..."
    if [[ ! $(ps waax | grep [E]S1000Server) ]];then
      /Library/Application\ Support/EFI/ES1000Service/ES1000Server &
      sleep 10
    f_logr "ES1000Server started."
    f_logr "Starting Fiery XF"
    if [[ ! $(ps waax | grep [C] ]];then
      /Applications/EFI\ Fiery\ XF/Server/Fiery\ XF\\ XF\ Control timer1Action &
      sleep 10
    f_logr "Fiery XF started."
    f_logr "Starting Fiery XF"
    if [[ ! $(ps waax | grep [S] ]];then
      /Applications/EFI\ Fiery\ XF/Server/EFI\ XF\\ XF\ Server &
      sleep 10
    f_logr "Starting Fiery XF started."
    f_logr "Starting JDFConnectorServer..."
    if [[ ! $(ps waax | grep [J]DFConnectorServer) ]];then
      /Applications/EFI\ Fiery\ XF/JDF/JDFConnectorServer &
      sleep 20
    f_logr "JDFConnectorServer started."
    f_logr "Starting FlexLM..."
    if [[ ! $(ps waax | grep [l]mgrd_port) ]];then
      /Applications/FlexLM/EFI -T HOSTNAME 0.0.0 -c /Applications/FlexLM -lmgrd_port 9999 --lmgrd_start 1abcd23e &
      sleep 20
    f_logr "FlexLM started."
    After that I decided to write a custom launchd file to launch the script at boot. I had trouble with these applications running at the login window so I had to specifically call it out in the launchd plist file which I wrote in /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.control.fiery.plist.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
    <plist version="1.0">
    After that it seems like I was able to get everything going OK. I rebooted the server, waited a few minutes, then launched Fiery XF Control from my remote laptop. Everything seems to work!

    Please let me know about your thoughts or if you have any suggestions. Thank you!

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    It looks like some of the Fiery processes are being killed by some apparent management process. I will have to modify my script to periodically check to make sure all necessary Fiery processes are running.

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