Hi There,

We've had an ongoing issue for years, I've followed troubleshooting steps, re-installed (countless times), screen shared with Xerox support.

Everything works for about 3 weeks then the mapped folder stops with an error 'Cannot access destination folder'.

But the server drive is mounted and accessible on my desktop. And when I try to retrieve the scans manually, Remote Scans shows no files after logging in?

  • Is there some sort of network sleep that permanently breaks the connection?
  • The Fiery suite has always felt like a port from another OS, is this the issue?
  • Can Remote Scan reliably use an AFP drive?
  • If we have ZERO issues with Command Workstation is it a server problem?
  • When Remote scan shows now files (for manual saving), does that mean it's not connected to the Fiery Server either?

To be clear, I'm looking for a permanent solution - can someone help me understand how to troubleshoot network and/or Fiery Server issues that would stop this app from working reliably?

If you've got Terminal commands to help get to the bottom of this, I'm fairly comfortable running them - I just need to get this permanently fixed.

- Xerox Color560 with integrated RIP
- Mac OSX 10.11.6
- Command Workstation SP2
- NetGear GS724TP Switch

There's also an Airport on the network incase that is resetting connections but the workstations and the Fiery Server all connect via Gigabit Ethernet.

Any help would be much appreciated.