Hi, we have a new Fiery E-23C and our two domain controllers can't ping the fiery. We originally had an E-3300 installed and we controlled it through the Print Management feature in Server 2012 R2 x64 without any problems. But, when we upgraded to the E-23C with a Ricoh C4504, neither of our servers can even ping the new fiery (request timed out). All of the workstations can see and install the fiery as their printer, but not the domain controllers.

We have the fiery set to a static IP on the same subnet as all of the workstations and servers, it's the same IP as the old Fiery (moving it to a new IP did not help either). The old fiery drivers and printers were removed from the servers. If we set the fiery to use DHCP, it can grab an IP from DHCP, but the servers still can't ping it, even the one it grabbed the IP from. Both of the domain controllers run AD/DHCP/DNS/IIS. Has something changed in this new fiery that conflicts with these services?

I thought maybe it was the network switch, so I connected one of the DCs, the fiery, and a laptop to a small 5 port switch. The laptop was able to ping the fiery, but the DC still couldn't. I turned off the Windows firewall, and uninstalled the antivirus which had a firewall, and still no luck. If I run arp -a on the command line, the IP for the fiery does not show up on the DC.

Anyone have any thoughts as to why the DCs can't see the new fiery? I would like to be able to manage it through Print Management.