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Thread: iOS App works, Android doesn't

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    Question iOS App works, Android doesn't

    Hi all!

    So, I got the iOS version working but not the Android version.. My first pot hole was the Fiery server's firewall - disabled that and the iOS version worked like a charm! Then I tried the Android version and with the same configuration the answer: Connection failed - Fiery is unavailable". I disabled port filtering in the server settings but no connection.

    What should I try next? I've tried it with 3 different phones, all Android 6.0. It seems like the Fiery Go doesn't even try to find the Fiery. I tried the same IP with a browser and it connected right away... What am I missing here?

    The Fiery system is as follows:

    Windows 7 Pro, SP1
    Fiery 10
    Command Workstation
    Firewall turned off completely..

    Any ideas are more than welcome!



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    Both apps use the same mechanism to talk to the Fiery server, so if it's working for iOS I don't know why the Android version would not work for you. In both case you enter the IP address, and if the app finds a Fiery server with the right Fiery API software at that IP address, then the app makes a connection.

    So unfortunately I don't have an answer for you, but am at least just as puzzled as you are. I'll ask around and see if I can come up with any other ideas.


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    Thanks Mike!

    I was thinking the same - why doesn't it work on Android, baffles me..

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    Hi VVaisanen,

    We are trying to troubleshoot this issue. Can you tell us the Agali version installed on the server?

    Here are the steps to find out which version you have:

    In a browser, user should type https:///live/version ( = IP of fiery server )

    You should see something like this Screenshot


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