I have a Fiery E-42B connected to a Ricoh Pro C5100. I manage print jobs from a Mac with Fiery Command Workstation SP2.

The problem Iím having is that CWS hangs/crashes at random, even when no one has sent a print job.

The symptoms are:

Command Workstation has not crashed, but jobs are not appearing in the queue.

Command Workstation has crashed and wonít re-connect when re-launching

To troubleshoot, this is what Iíve done:

I ping the Fiery, it gives positive results - the device is on and communicating over the network

Click on the Fiery icon on the Ricoh - it stays on "Please wait"

On the E-42B, when I press the button to display IP address - it doesn't show it

When I type in the IP address of the printer in a web browser, - it doesnít display an interface

I attached a mouse and keyboard to the Fiery - I can log in directly

I launch CWS from the Fiery - it also fails to connect

In Windows 7 in the Fiery, I set it to never check for Windows updates. I manually check twice a week.

In Windows 7 in the Fiery, I check for other processes that could cause a conflict - canít see any that are obvious

In Windows 7 in the Fiery, I check for Services that have shut down that shouldnít be - canít see any that are obvious

The workaround:

In Windows in the Fiery, I restart the EFI Fiery service even though it says itís running.

I have to do this every day, sometimes twice in a day.

Is there something I should be looking for, either in Windows or Fiery software?