I do not have the Color Profile Suite but have the capability to make my own custom ICC profiles (Xrite i1 Pro, IT8.7/4 CMYK test chart and Xrite ProfileMaker 5.0). I would like to make my own custom color output profiles but am not 100% sure I have the done the correct procedure so that my profile is accurate. Here is what I have figured out on my own so far (Info: Xerox Color C60 with EX-i Fiery FS200, Command Workstation 5.8.0, Driver 5.0.010):
1) Create own paper specification in paper library.
2) Create own calibration profile based on similar paper with own paper and printer settings.
3) Make calibration using the i1 Pro and the Fiery Calibration wizard (ES-1000, 51 unsorted patches).
4) Output CMYK test chart IT8.7/4 without simulation but going through the calibration (Bypass conversion, not ColorWise Off).
5) Measure test chart with ProfileMaker and create ICC profile.
6) Load ICC profile into Command Workstation as Output profile and make it the output profile for the paper and the calibration profiles.

Is this procedure correct for making custom profiles or is there a definite step-by-step procedure that I am missing. Could someone please list the correct procedure which needs to be done?

Your help would be very much appreciated, thank you!