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Thread: Color Calibration Issue using ColorCal

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    Default Color Calibration Issue using ColorCal

    I have been using ColorCal to calibrate my Canon C7055 w Fiery 8e Release 2 for several years. Recently, my company has purchased a newer Canon C7260, which has version 10e. I have been trying to use ColorCal to create custom color profiles for the variety of different papers I use, but am unable to do so. I can use ColorCal to calibrate using only the two basic (factory-installed) color profiles. If I hit "manage" and "create new..." ColorCal is not on the list of available calibration methods, and it keeps insisting that I need to use a spectrometer. I have downloaded the "How To" in your support library for ColorCal calibration, and believe that I am following the procedure specified, but it's not working. What am I doing wrong? (If it matters, I am using Command Workstation v SP2 on a Mac w 2.7GHz Intel Core I5 w/8GB RAM running MacOS 10.9.5.)


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    I'm interpreting your question that you want to create output/paper profiles for the medias you work with. To be able to do so, you need a measurement device that is not scanner based and profiling software. For a measurement device, I recommend using a spectrophotometer and for profiling software I recommend Fiery Color Profile Suite.

    When you access Calibrate > Manage Cal Set > Create New, you won't see Colorcal as an option because this workflow to create a custom calibration set and custom profile only supports the listed devices - I believe they are the ES-1000/ES-200 and i1Pro. Note: If using this workflow to create a custom cal set and custom profile, you'll need Fiery Color Profile Suite installed in your workstation to generate the custom profile.

    Unfortunately, Colorcal method can only be used to calibrate your server to the printer's response using existing cal sets - factory ones or ones created with a spectrophotometer.
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    Well, not really the answer I was hoping for, but I appreciate your timely response.


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    This is a very common misunderstanding.

    What you are trying to do is to create a calibration set, not profiling. You start by making a calibration set for set paper, then you use Profiler Suite to create paper profiles from the calibration set. Just remember to linearize the machine before you start.

    And yes, you cannot use Colorcal to do that, I wouldn´t recommend it either way. Get yourself a ES-1000 or ES-2000.

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