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Thread: Calibration Kodak/Tiffen Q-13 Gray Scale is not detected

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    Default Calibration Kodak/Tiffen Q-13 Gray Scale is not detected

    Sharp MX6500 with Fiery MXPE10 65 75, (Server 1.1,Soft FS100 pro) When I calibrat the Fiery
    First (Step) page show error ""Kodak/Tiffen Q-13 Gray Scale is not detected""

    if i select skip the step , the second show error: "Measurent Page is not detected"
    Im using Kodak Color Separation Q-13 (new) Cat 152 7654
    (The copier is on PC Scan)

    Thank you

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    Do you have a ColorCal menu option on your scanning templates menu? If it is there is and its not selected you would get that message.

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    Default Gray scale not detected

    I'm getting same message on a Xerox 700 Integrated Fiery. I do have the Color Cal option in my network scanning templates. Per the instructions, everything is entered correctly, but after gray scale and Color Cal sheet is scanned and you go back to the Web Applications and touch measure, the message appears that gray scale is not detected.

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    Try again with the page in the upper left corner of the platen:
    a) Short side of the measurement page along the X axis
    b) Short side of the measurement page along the Y axis

    Also, double check that the grayscale is centered in relation to the width of the media.
    Also, ensure the black and red targets surrounding the Colorcal patches are not obstructed.

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