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Thread: Having problems printing mixed media

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    Angry Having problems printing mixed media

    I am trying to print a document out that will be using a different medium for the front/back covers of my document. This contains both the front/back covers as well as inside covers for the document.

    When I select Mixed Media, I define the cover and apply the same setting for both front/back cover. I choose my paper and have it set to Print On Outside. So far I haven't been able to get a good sample of my print job out. It prints incorrectly, and it prints both covers as separate items on individual sheets.

    Right now I'm running out of test paper for my job, so I would like to get this correct if possible before I run out. If anyone has any input on this, I'd appreciate it.

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    Is this a letter size document, two sided, and you want the front cover sheet to be printed two sided and the back cover sheet to be two sided?

    Or is this a saddle stitched document?

    Regardless: Print On Both Sides is your friend.

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    This is a saddle-stitch document, both sides are printed.

    I am printing from InDesign using Print booklet. I have found that this works most of the time, but using all the info I have from all of the cheat sheets I've created to perform these print jobs, its not working on this file.

    This is from an InDesign letter file, printing on 12x18 paper, with bleeds to trim ( we are using 3-way trimming to remove bleeds).

    So my process is as follows: use print Booklet to bring up menu.
    Go to Print Settings and change paper to paper size of 12x18.
    Name:  1.png
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    Then checking to make sure it prints in printer spreads correctly under Preview
    Name:  2.png
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    Then I go to Fiery Features and set up all of the info: saddle stitch, saddle press, short-edge binding, etc.
    Name:  3.png
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    Then I setup the cover range under Mixed Media using New Page Range.
    Name:  6.png
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    At this point I print everything out, but it only prints 8 pages of the document, on a landscape print, but the printed sheets are supposed to be portrait.

    This is where I am at now. In the morning I will check back in to see if there have been any updates, and I will print this out on larger paper for testing to see wtf is going on.

    If anyone can give me any hints on how to fix this, please let me know. Thanks.

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    Its alright, I figured it out before I went to sleep last night. I originally had it set to 18x12, but ID didn't like it, so I changed it to 12x18, and its printed out just fine after that.

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    Default Having problems printing mixed media

    I'm glad you got it working, but there is a MUCH simpler way. Export that ID file as a PDF (Pages, not spreads), Import into CWS use the booklet maker in the layout tab and define cover for special media.


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