Hello all,

Not your usual "Measurement not detected" problem.

Job accounting is not on.
Enhanced WSD and Enhanced WSD (SSL) are both on. Basically all settings are exactly the same on another similar machine at customer's site.

Kyocera TA4550ci
Fiery System 9e Rel2
All updates applied to Fiery Server.

Trying to calibrate from either the copier control panel or CW results in "Measurement not detected" error message.

Have reloaded Fiery software.
Have swapped out individually, each of the following:
Network interface cable
DVI cable
Interface board
Ribbon cable from interface board to copier

The scanner scans the page, goes to the send functions and when I go back into Printing System menu gives me the message. Other than swapping out hardware on the Fiery I have no idea where else to go.