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Thread: Inactive Tracking On Navigator

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    Default Inactive Tracking On Navigator

    One of my Fiery printers is not being tracked by Navigator. Other machines are working fine.
    Its on an IGEN 4
    The Fiery Version is up-to-date but it's possibly because i'm unable to authorize the machine.
    I've been trying for the past two weeks.
    I just get the message 'Unable to contact Fiery Dashboard service. Please try again later.'

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    Default Fiery Navigator / Fiery Dashboard

    Hi Zoom4572,

    Can you confirm the following details?
    - that you are using the website. The error message your report comes from CWS which is not required for the new Fiery Navigator authorization
    - You IGen version such as iGEN4 v2.xx or iGEN4 v3.0
    - The total number of devices you are trying to connect

    I will reach out to you in a private email message in case a phone call or WebEx would help. Thanks,


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