Our venerable BizHub c350 with Fiery IC-401 continues to perform admirably - and we have been able to print from all our Macs (using Fiery Express Mac Driver) up to Sierra. Since 10.6, two issues required workarounds - it was necessary to physically enter paper size as well as select Output Profile each time in ColorWise (otherwise pages would print with red block overlay), but other than that, everything has worked perfectly. Starting yesterday with 5.8, CW quits when Properties is selected. An iMac with 10.7 and CW 5.3 still prints fine.

In fact, with 5.7 we were able to calibrate from the Macs using our X-Rite DTP32.

I'm unable to reinstall 5.3 or 5.7 on Sierra - even after going through the full uninstaller. And can a later version of Fiery be plugged on the back of the c350? It's an incredible printer, and for a guy in his 60s, I can't justify taking on the cost of a new (or for that matter, newer) printer when this one is doing so well.

Is there some type of workaround? Thanks