Hi All,
Hopefully someone has solved this problem already! I am running on a KM 1070 using CWS 5.8.
Simple job = approx 30 pages duplexed onto 8.5 x 11 sheets. Mixed media is making pages 1-2 duplex from same stock (92-105 gsm range) from a different tray. So essentially a cover.
The "guts" run and align perfectly, but no matter what tray I use, no matter how I duplex it (top or R-L), I get random shifts of up to 10 mm left on the cover page only. About 30% of the copies are aligned properly. I can make this work by running 8.5 x 11S, but I don't want to do that due to bad paper curl.
Stranger still, during testing I ran 2 copies of a book: Copy 1 is perfect, Copy 2 shifted the front (?!?), again both guts are aligned perfectly.
Anyone had this before?