This problem has happened twice to me once in a Xerox Versant 80 EXi-80 and a second time in a Xerox C60 EXi-C60 (embedded controllers).

After setting initial network configuration, printer works fine. I enter Configure to set new DNS's. Reboot. Printing is still OK, but DNS info was not correct, so I need to enter into Configure again to change them. Now we have the error:
"Service temporarily unavailable ... please try again later"

After this moment, Fiery server cannot be reconfigured because Configure is not accesible neither from CWS nor from Web Tools.
Rebooting Fiery, powering off the system, waiting for some days.... has no effect.
Printer and server continue to work fine, printing normally, everything works fine in Fiery server except Configure.

The only way to solve the problem is to reload system software into Fiery server, and configure from scratch (maybe restoring a backup would also do it).

Problem is the same in different models of EX-i (V80 v1.2 and C60 v?.?) so maybe is my fault, although changing an option (DNS's in this case) using fiery configure is pretty straight forward ;-)

Has anyone suffered from this before?

Thank you very much in advance.

Jose Luis Rodriguez
Ofixer -Asturias (Spain)