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Thread: How to force re-installation?

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    Question How to force re-installation?


    Somehow, JobFlow Basic is "disappeared" on my workstation. Although, Fiery Software Manager tells me, version is installed, it isn't (anymore...).

    Therefore, FSM fails to uninstall JobFlow because it can't find the installation package.

    Is there any way to force FSM to (re-)install JobFlow?
    IC-306 v3.01 FS100 Pro / KM C6000, IC-308 v2.1 FS150 Pro / KM C71hc / SD-513, IC-414 / KM C754
    CWS 5.8 SP2, Windows 10 x64

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    Hmm. Odd. Can you send me an email so I can provide a direct link to the installer? Thanks.
    Hans Sep, product manager Fiery JobFlow

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