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Thread: Versant 80 & Windows 10

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    Default Versant 80 & Windows 10


    We are trying to sell a Versant 80 with Fiery and our client has the following questions/concerns:
    My IT Security is concerned that this is running on Windows 7. As you know, support for Windows 7 will be eliminated in 2 years or so. When that happens will Fiery be upgraded to Windows 10 at no cost? Also, the spec sheets indicates that it only supports client environments in Windows 7 & 8? This would also be problematic when the campus mandates that we all update to 10 if that means Fiery will not work on individual workstations.

    Any answers/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    Default Of course not.

    In a few month Versant 1800 will come out with FS200 and Win8.1 as OS. You may get an upgrade path to that, but it will likely cost you a mere few hundreds.

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    Your first line of communication regarding these level of questions should be Xerox. They will in many cases dictate the life and future of a product. You can always reach out to your local EFI rep to see if they can assist in providing answers for your customer
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