I am fairly new to Pace but am a VERY experienced Fiery user.

I am getting orientation issues when trying to send a JDF imposed job to our Fiery from Pace.

The job is a portrait business card (2"x3.5")

The layout looks correct in Pace but when previewed on the Fiery the heads are facing the wrong direction.

I have tried changing the portrait/landscape settings in Pace and the grain settings too, thinking that may have something to do with it, but to no avail. No matter what setting I've changed so far I still get the 12x18 press sheet at the fiery coming out portrait and the card laid out the same way even though I need the card side ways on the sheet to maximize N-out.

If I go into Impose with the job at the Fiery I can correct it by clicking Landscape for the press sheet, but we are trying to create a "lights out" workflow for this job originating from DSF.

Thanks in advance.