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Thread: Standard settings for Profiling and Validation

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    Default Standard settings for Profiling and Validation

    I sure hope I can get an answer to help me sleep...

    I have come into a new position in a new (to me) company where I am to be the color manager of KM 8000s and KM 1100s and KM 1060Ls...11 machines in all. The outgoing person cleared the computer drives and all documentations.
    As I look through the archived files that relate to the profiling and such I am seeing differences in the Color and Image settings for the documents on the Command Workstation 100s/150s.

    When it comes to the Profile ( DTFv5 CC ) and the Validation (GRACoL2013_CRPC6) files, what are the Fiery control settings for each image file?
    In this I mean to ask,

    Adobe Print engine on/off?
    Composite OP on/off?
    Black Detection on/off
    Optimize RGB Transparency on/off?
    CMYK/Grayscale Bypass Conversion or something else?
    RGB/LAB Fiery RGB or Some other?
    Relative Colormetric or something else?
    Spot Color Matching on/off?
    Gray and Black RGB off? CMYK Off?
    Embedded Profiles?

    Image Smoothing?
    Image Quality Best?
    Resolution 1200 dpi?
    Edge Enhancement
    Text Thinning?
    Text Smoothing?
    Apply enhancements?

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    Default Fiery Color Flowchart 2016

    Although th systems you have may have different base Fiery system versions, the differences between them for color management is relatively small. A good overview of the options and settings and what each does is located here.

    If you have the disks that shipped with the Fiery's there is a user disk that will contain PDF user manuals, one of those being on color management. That manual will have explanations for what each of the settings does.

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    You may also find some helpful How To Guides at

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    Cool Thank yous

    I appreciate the info and have found the answers I was needing. If anybody else want to know what the answers are I will be happy to share.

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