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Thread: Which fiery driver?

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    Question Which fiery driver?

    Hello- I'm having an issue where I 1) cannot print from Illustrator in colour (from Acrobat I can), 2) cannot print from any Adobe program (including Acrobat) in anything other than letter or A4 size- it's greyed out or a limited list.

    I'm thinking it's a driver issue as I just moved to a new computer, so I went to EFI's download center but how do I choose the "Select Fiery Model and Version"? The list is IC 308 v1.1 or IC 415 v1.1 etc.

    All my Adobe Cloud programs are updated and I'm running a Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS c1070 on 64bit Windows 10. Thank you!

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    You're on the right track: it sounds like you have to re-install the Fiery print driver.

    You say you have a KM C1070. Does it have the external Fiery server (model IC-308) or the bustled Fiery controller (model IC-415)? And in either case, what version of system software is it running?

    To see this in Command Workstation, go to the Device Center tab > General > General Info. Just below where it says General Info, in teal text on a white background, in non-bold text between parentheses, it will say something like "(IC-308 - V 2.1)". What does it say?

    You will want the controller-specific, version-specific print driver for your Windows 10 PC. You can download it off the web from EFI, or (easier) download it right from the Fiery. Hit the Fiery with a web browser and under the Downloads tab, there's a link to the Printer Files (the print driver) that you need.

    Don't forget to delete the existing print driver on your PC first!


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