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Thread: Surface Pro 4 Display

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    Default Surface Pro 4 Display

    Is there any updates to improve the display of Command Workstation on a Surface Pro 4? I have improved it with a Microsoft tip below, but it still displays the text headers incorrectly. See attachment
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    Solution 2: Disable display scaling for the app
    You can disable display scaling for an individual desktop app in Windows 10. Here’s how:
    Step 1:
    Select the search box in the taskbar, enter run programs, and then select Run programs made for previous versions of Windows in the search results.
    Step 2:
    In the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter, select Next.
    Step 3:
    Select your program from the list, and then select Next.
    Step 4:
    Select Troubleshoot program, select The program opens but doesn’t display correctly, and then select Next.
    Step 5:
    Select Program does not display properly when large scale font settings are selected, and then select Next.
    Step 6:
    Select Test the Program to open the app with the new settings. If it works, select Next and save the settings. Otherwise, select Cancel.

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    Exclamation Same Problem - high resolution displays negatively affect CW5.

    I have the same problem with a client who is using one of the new Dell systems with a 4k screen, we are able to see the buttons but the jobs list is barely legible and certain elements of the UI, like the calibration screens, are rendering very poorly in the high resolution environment.

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    Same thing on Apple MacBook Pro with retina display (2560x1600) running Windows 10 Pro in BootCamp. (All's fine on the MacOS side.)

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    Good news!
    This issue is fixed in Command Workstation 6.3. We now support HiDPI displays, and Windows font and layout scaling.

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    What about using the driver and printing preferences?

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    We will be supporting HiDPI displays in Fiery Driver (Windows) for all products under service level agreement as soon as January 2019. We will be making an announcement when it is available.
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