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Thread: Navigator and Fiery data retention

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    Default Navigator and Fiery data retention


    We have setup the Fiery Navigator client on a dedicated server and added both our Fiery rip stations to it. We can see data from 11/16 up to today, but everything before that is blank. I have looked in Command Workstation and we have print logs going back to early 2015.

    Is there a reason why navigator only shows data from 11/16 to current? Is there only a set amount of data retained in Navigator, e.g. last 95 days?


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    Default Navigator and Fiery data retention

    Navigator should collect the data from the Fiery job logs. We will probably need to troubleshoot by looking at the log files from the system. I will email you privately to let you know what we need to troubleshoot the issue. Once we know what caused the issue we can reply back to this thread.

    Navigator Support

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