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Thread: Issues imposing pdf with 3 bus Cards

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    Default Issues imposing pdf with 3 bus Cards

    I'm having a problem trying to impose a pdf which consists of 3 different business cards. I want to repeat the 3 in an A3 like this:
    So far I haven't being able to find the way of doing something so seemingly simple; If I choose gang up repeat it gives me 3 diff. A3's with bizcard 1 in A3 1 bizcard 2 in A3 2 etc.
    Unique collate cut looked it was going to work; It did show in the impose window the 3 bizcards in the first row but it showed blank in the rest, however it placed the cropmarks correctly on the paper as the rest of the rows was populated by cards. However when printed it only printed the first row and the cropmarks, it didn't duplicate the cards.
    I run out of ideas in how to make this work, it's quite important as it's slowing the production of cards.
    Many thanks for your help.

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    The reason you can't figure it out is because it's TOO simple, and no one has ever shown you.

    You start with a 3 page PDF (or 6 page, if these are two-sided cards). Set it up however you want--repeat works fine.

    In the Impose window, you see the business card images themselves, N-up on a sheet. Turn that view off: above the sheet view, look for the tiny icon for "toggle image view" or whatever Impose calls it.

    When you toggle that view, the business card images go away and are replaced by simple document page mimics with page numbers (and arrows in the corner, if you're zoomed in enough) across and down the sheet. So if you have three sheets of single sided business cards set up for image repeat N-up, you'll have a sheet with 1-1-1 across and down the sheet, another sheet with 2-2-2, and another sheet with 3-3-3.

    Got it?

    Here's the secret that a Fiery training class or a knowledgeable Fiery trainer would tell you: those numbers are editable. Change your 1-1-1 to 1-2-3. Just click and type.

    You've got it from here.

    And those arrows? Those are rotate arrows. I'll leave you to play.

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    Cool.. Thanks Adam.. The icon is called "toggle sheet content" looks like a rabbit eared sheet.


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    Also in impose you can set up your own templates to save you a lot of time. I use these all the time. 24 up single sided cards, double sided. 2 @ 12 up single sided/double sided etc....

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