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Thread: Reset admin password - Xerox EX-i C60/C70

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    Default Reset admin password - Xerox EX-i C60/C70

    Hi all,

    At my office we have a "Xerox EX-i C60-C70 Printer (EU)". We recently changed our network setup and we need to update the details in Fiery but unfortunately no-one knows the administrator password.

    Is there any way to reset the password? I have full physical access to the printer and Fiery box. I tried plugging in a monitor to Fiery but it looks like there is no terminal/ui at all - the screen just says "Booting fiery kernel".


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    The default is Administrator for user name, Fiery.1 for the password. If this doesn't work, reload the system software into the Fiery, log in using these defaults and reconfigure all of the settings.

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    Sometimes people change it to no password 'blank'

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