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Thread: API License and getting started.

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    Default API License and getting started.


    So to be clear, you need a full license in your application AND the fiery to run the API. So for example if you wanted to write an app and put it in playstore/appstore this would be useless unless the user had purchased an LAC for the API?

    I am trying to access the API from chrome using the Postman plugin. If I go to https://servername/live/api/v3/version I get ..

    "AgaliVersion": "",
    "RubyVersion": "",
    "RhythmVersion": "v3.0.04",
    "installed": "2016-03-30T05:46:50+13:00"

    If I try to login using https://servername/live/api/v3/login and POST

    "username": "guest",
    "accessrights": "apikey"

    I get the response ..

    "authenticated": false,
    "error_code": "",
    "errors": "no accessrights found",
    "fiery": false

    Are the credentials the same as what you use to log in to the fiery CWS? The API is NOT installed as I have read it is not required after a certain version of CWS.
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