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Thread: True Edit remote - Files staying locked after editing

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    Default True Edit remote - Files staying locked after editing

    Wondering if some suggestions on steps to troubleshoot the following issue:

    User is complaining that when they finish editing a file using trueedit remote and they exit and save the file on their workstation, the file remains in a "Busy" status on the MP server.. They are unable to open the file again in trueedit remote until they go back to the server and remove the "busy" status of the file.. At first this was a random occurrence, however they apparently have a larger file which they can replicate this issue every single time. If they work with this file at the server side, it works fine, however trueedit remote will always keep the file locked after working on it.

    This is on a MP 8.3 server running windows 7 .. Client computer is also on windows 7


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    Default True Edit remote - Files staying locked after editing

    There isn't enough detail here to say for certain what the issue is, but if this was working 100% and has recently gotten worse then maybe there is a resource issue restricting the file save routine or communication with MicroPress (MP).

    Here are some ares to look at.

    1. What happens if you use Save As in TrueEdit Remote (TER) to create a second job in the PSM? Does this job show busy as well? Does this job work?

    2. Are you showing low disk space on either the MP or TER? TER uses the temp folders and if there is insufficient space the "save" process may be failing. An alternative choice could be to open the job without creating a temp file (checkbox when opening the job in TER)

    3. TER uses the Windows DCOM components and perhaps the communication between the MP and TER has deteriorated or the permission settings have changed. Here is a white paper we have on TER. Maybe it will help.True-Edit-Remote-wNotes.pdf Although I would not expect an issue with DCOM to be intermittent.

    Hope this information helps

    MicroPress Technical Support

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