At the facility where I am the color manager, we have to apply new profiles frequently...and I am aware that we are definitely not in the norm on this....However, we manage colors for a group of clients and they do two things; they actually use spot colors as they are supposed to or they specify a CMYK mix as 'their' color and want us to make sure that any of their documents come in through Prepress and are assigned the colors and that we print them as specified in the SLAs.
So, when the profile is applied the Fiery computes a new "mix" for spot colors, and when we compare the output with the Pantone book in the light cabinet (5000K) there is quite a difference. I end up custom matching about 125 swatches on each of 5 machines.
Is there a short cut?
We have 5 KonicaMinolta C8000s that each has Fiery PRO80 80C-KM PS Color Server 3.01 US and all have FS100 Pro.
I will be happy to try and provide more specific information as long as it does not affect our security procedures.