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Thread: Ic-408 & es-2000

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    Default Ic-408 & es-2000

    We have a customer who purchased and ES-2000 to calibrate their Bizhub C5501, which as an IC-408 connected to it.

    One of our techs was there the other day and said they are unable to use the ES-2000 to calibrate as command workstation would not load it (they are assuming driver issue)

    This customer is a little over two and a half hours away, so before I make the trip out there I was wondering if the ES-2000 is in fact compatible with the IC-408 and Bizhub C5501.

    If it is now, will an eye-one iSis work?

    Thanks kindly

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    The ES-2000 is backward compatible with the ES-1000, and should be usable. Assuming your customer's perception of a driver issue is correct, the question is why the device driver didn't load when they connected the instrument to their PC or Mac.

    I have found in some instances that when the driver doesn't automatically load when the device is connected, connecting the USB cable to a different USB port often works. It's more of a computer issue than a CWS issue, so standard PC/Mac troubleshooting techniques should be tried. For example, if they connect the ES-2000 to another computer, does the device driver load? (It should, even if CWS is not installed on that computer.) If they are using a Windows PC, take a look at Device Manager to check the status of the device.

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