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Thread: Fiery Paper Catalog and custom stocks

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    Default Fiery Paper Catalog and custom stocks

    Using Fiery CWS software, I can add and delete “custom” stocks I create using the Fiery Paper Catalog.

    However, when I create a “custom” stock using the administration tools on the Versant 80 GUI, the stock appears in the Fiery Paper Catalog, but there's a small “padlock” icon next to the stock name. I need to delete this “padlocked” custom stock from the Paper Catalog but don’t know how to do it.

    When I select this "padlocked" stock in the Paper Catalog the delete icon is grayed out. I've tried right clicking on the stock but “Delete” is not listed as an option.

    I’ve deleted the "padlock" stock from the Versant engine using adm tools and verified it’s no longer an available paper selection, yet it still shows up in Fiery's Paper Catalog. I even tried powering off the Fiery and the Versant, then restarting them both again but the stock still shows up in the Paper Catalog.

    Creating “custom” stocks on the Versant 80 GUI offers us some unique options e.g. front-to-back registration; tray air-assist adjustment settings; fine tuning engine transfer rollers to eliminate mottle & color shift on heavy weight stocks; etc,… so we plan to continue using it.

    We have a Xerox Versant 80 running Fiery EX80 Print Server US, Version 1.2
    Any suggestions of how to delete this "padlocked" custom stock would be most appreciated

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