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Thread: Banner Page Printing as Separate Job on 1250

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    Default Banner Page Printing as Separate Job on 1250

    I have a Fiery Central server sending to 2 Bizhub 1250s with Basic banner page enabled. Customer is printing to Central through Windows drivers loaded on a print server. The jobs go to the Hold queue of one of the 1250s and the operator moves it around and releases it to the desired printer. Most jobs that come in are PDFs but there are some Word docs and the occasional web page. Most of the time when the jobs are released to print, the banner page will hit the job list of the 1250 as a separate job. It will print, the printer will pause for a few seconds, the output tray will shift, then the body of the job will start printing. Does anyone else have this issue or know of a way to make the banner page print with the rest of the job so the whole job is stacked together? EFI tech support says it is the machine but if we print with the KM 1250 drivers instead of going through Central everything works as it should.

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    For Fiery Central, Banner page is treated as a separate job. This is expected behavior. This is to prevent the banner page from becoming the first page of the document and impacting the layout. I have seen at two accounts where this is not the case and the banner page is randomly embedded into the document and believe this has something to do with the way jobs are submitted.

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