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Thread: Xerox EXi 570 on Color 560

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    Default Xerox EXi 570 on Color 560

    I'm having issues not being able to ping the Fiery when directly connected to the LAN port. Also, the Fiery button never shows up on the copier panel. I've tried reloading the system software but had no success. I think it might be the main board but I need a service manual and part numbers. Any ideas where to get these from? Thanks!

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    You may need to go into the web page of the printer and make sure the "Extensive Services" are enabled. Also check the IP adress of the Network controller and the printer.

    1) Log in as the administrator at the IOT UI (User Name = admin, Password = 1111, by default).
    2) Press the Machine Status button and then select the Tools tab on the UI touch screen.
    3) Select Connectivity & Network Setup and then select Protocol Settings.
    4) Select IPv4 - IP Address Resolution and then select Change Settings.
    5) Select Static and select Save.
    6) Select IPv4 - IP Address and then select Change Settings.
    7) Enter for the IP address and select Save.
    8) Select IPv4 - Subnet Mask and then select Change Settings.
    9) Enter and select Save.
    10) Select IPv4 - Gateway Address and then select Change Settings.
    11) Enter and select Save.
    12) Select Close, then press the Login /Out button and select Logout.
    13) Select Logout again or Reboot if prompted and the IOT will reboot.

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