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    Question Fiery Driver Updater

    We have several Canon C7260's with imagePass A2 Fiery controllers. Driver that came with the fiery's is version 4.3. Have 2 identical printers on a Windows 2008 R2 print server with version 4.3 drivers. Client workstations that had these printers installed before were on the version and was causing problems. Finishing options not being retained, layout options ignored, etc. Reverting to the 4.3 seems to resolve these issues, however, the client workstations that previously had the 5.0 version keep updating themselves from the 4.3 version to the 5.0 version. Already tried the printer delete utility, and removing drivers from the registry, with restarts in between. Any idea how to completely remove the fiery driver updater from a windows 7 computer?

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    Hi gaimedia,

    I have spoken to our engineers. Let me make sure we have the problem laid out.

    Issue: Reverting to driver version 4.3 will automatically update the driver to 5.0.

    Analysis: Fiery Driver Updater (FDU) is only present in 5.0+. Reverting to 4.3 should not automatically update to 5.0. FDU should not normally install or upgrade any drivers without user approval. The problem we see could be caused by another driver, not the one you're installing/uninstalling.

    Recommendation: Do you have 2 of the same print driver installed? If so, you may need to delete both via Fiery Printer Delete Utility before installing the 4.3 driver again. You can find the delete utility in the Download Center > Application Software and Tools > Fiery Driver.

    Let us know if that helps!

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